Cosmetic Dentistry
Cape Cod


Cosmetic Dentistry
Your smile is one of your best first impressions. Our cosmetic dentistry practice can enhance your smile with beautiful crowns, porcelain veneers, tooth colored fillings, and gold restorations. A great smile enhances your self-esteem and gives you confidence. 

Preventative Care 

Preventative care is the best way to stop problems before they start. Through regular check-ups and cleanings, initial or existing decay can be observed and corrected in a timely manner. We have two full time registered dental hygienists to ensure prompt and thorough cleanings. All Hygiene appointments incorporate an oral cancer exam. Through examination, gum and periodontal problems are observed and treatment suggested or provided. An untreated tooth becomes a problem tooth, costing you money and possibly the loss of the tooth. Enjoy regular dental care and you will have a great smile for a long time. 

Restorative Dentistry 

Restore your teeth, adding visual appeal and increased overall health. The oral cavity is the opening to the digestive tract. It is through chewing or mastication that you are able to break up food into small enough particles to that the body is able to absorb the nutrients vital to good nutrition. It is our job to fix missing or injured teeth, giving you back that quality of life you have been missing. Our restorative dental services include: • Crowns • Veneers • Fillings • Implant Restorations • Bridges • Extractions • Partial Dentures • Full Dentures

Veneers - before

Veneers - after

Bridge - before

Bridge - after

Crowns - before

Crowns - after

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